The Carlson group


Listing Plan of Action

  1. Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service for all members to view

  2. Price your home competitively .......this opens the market as appose to narrowing your market options

  3. Develop a list of features to highlight your homes assets to market to the brokers and promote it to their potential clients

  4. Email 2500+ local agents within a 25 mile radius of your listing with electronic flyers to market potential buyers

  5. Suggest and counsel you of any changes or updates required to make your home more marketable

  6. Keep you up to date and advise you of any market changes

  7. Contact any buyers leads we may have who may be interested or maybe know some one who is interested in your home

  8. Add a professional sign, lock box and flyers to the outside of your home for more drive by opportunities

  9. Ensure we get pre-qualified buyers thru your home for viewings

  10. Advise you on various methods of financing that may be available to buyers to purchase your home

  11. Follow up with real estate brokers who have shown your home and get their feedback

  12. Represent you on ALL offers and presentations to ensure the best negotiated deal and terms for you on your behalf

  13. We will take care of ALL the follow up documents required upon a mutual accepted contract with all parties involved.  For example Lenders, Title representatives, Escrow agents, inspection follow up.  Everything needed to get you to a successful closing.

  14. Review the Settlement statement with you from Escrow to ensure all amounts and charges are correct and any and all monies due are correct amounts

  15. Transferring of keys to the new buyers !!